PC Troubleshooting & Repair

My PC Repair & Troubleshooting services are best suited for home PC users and small businesses that may not have their own computer staff.

What I do:

  • PC Consulting — Need to buy a new computer but not sure what system will best suit your needs? We can discuss what you’re going to be using your PC for and I can help you pick the system that best suits your needs.
  • Parts Installation, Upgrade or Replacement — Whether you need more memory or a bigger hard drive, I can install, upgrade or replace most any part in a PC.
  • Virus & Spyware removals — Virus & spyware attacks can come from the most innocent internet searches. If you get a virus or spyware that you just can’t get rid of, I can help.
  • Networking — Whether it’s a home network or a network for a small business, I can come in and help you get your network designed and installed. I will also help set up a wireless network and help you make it secure from outside access.
  • File Recovery — If you’ve deleted a file, or multiple files, it is possible in many cases to recover this information.
  • Hard Drive Imaging/Backup — If you want a backup of your hard drive, I can make an “image” of your hard drive. (An additional hard drive will be required for this service.)

What I charge:

  • My rate is $45.00 per hour, minimum one hour. Any services longer than one hour will be billed in 1/2 hour increments. Payment is due at the time of service.
  • I will pick up and deliver your computer for an additional $20.00 (in Evansville & Newburgh only).
  • My rates do not include the cost of replacement parts. I will contact you and let you know what a replacement part costs. I will not replace a part without consulting you first.